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Is it possible to effectively communicate with millions of people for several hours daily in strategic multiple locations without causing financial strain to advertiser-clients? Can we achieve millions of daily impacts at a monthly minimum cost, at a fraction of the cost of advertising on radio, television, and print? These questions became the core challenge for the visionaries behind Transit Media.

The quest for a cost-efficient non-traditional advertising platform that provides strategic high-impact brand and product visibility in the market was the compelling goal that led to the founding and establishment of Transit Media over 35 years ago, in January 1989. Vicente del Fierro's vision for non-traditional advertising dates back to his consultancy engagement (1986-1989) with Zorilla & Partners. In 1989, he foresaw the need for an alternative to traditional advertising, which is cost-effective but has high impact and recall. Transit advertising advocates for a well-balanced approach to advertising and marketing communication campaigns, anchored on both strategic and cost-efficient ways of reaching the market.

Transit Media was started by Vicente del Fierro, Jr., a veteran advertising, public relations, marketing practitioner, and freelance journalist with extensive hands-on experience in the field of marketing communications. Together with other veteran on-call creative associates of the company, Transit Media specializes in public relations, crisis management, international intermediary, special promotions, and short-term projects.

With its success in 1995, Transit Media introduced large format full-color bus wrap and full-color imported vinyl stickers, which drew the attention of more major league advertisers to consider the medium. From bus ads, Transit Media expanded its non-traditional moving ad selection range to include lighted taxi tops ads, mobile brochure information dispensers in taxis and FX, school bus ads, jeepneys front sun visor ads, and tricycle drop banner tarpaulin ads.

We are committed to providing effective and impactful advertising solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional mediums. Additionally, we have expanded our offerings to better serve the needs of our clients, including those abroad who seek to reach the market here in the Philippines. Moreover, the company continues to expand its offerings to accommodate special projects and better serve the evolving needs of its clients.

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